What I Learned From Living Alone

Hello there! As you may have guessed from the title, I live alone. I am 21 and a senior in college. I still go home to my parent's house but at school, I have a one bedroom apartment. Living alone really teaches you a lot about yourself. You learn who you are and how independent … Continue reading What I Learned From Living Alone


Vegetarian Tacos

Hey guys! This week for dinner I made some vegetarian tacos that I wanted to share with you. They are simple, quick, and healthy for you! The best part is that you could make them your own way and cater to your own taste preferences! I made two and both slightly different. For both, I … Continue reading Vegetarian Tacos

Weekend Retreat

Hello friends! The weekend after I went to New Jersey, I went on a women's retreat with my mom. It was so relaxing and peaceful. It was at a camp about an hour away from my school and it was just so nice to get away for the weekend. It was especially nice to spend … Continue reading Weekend Retreat

Easy Veggie Burger

Hey y'all! Ever since my trip to New Jersey, I've been craving more veggie burgers! The one I had there was so amazing. (Shout out to Pompton Queen Diner!) I usually don't purchase or consume faux meat, but I will buy certain frozen veggie burgers if I don't feel like making them myself. I get … Continue reading Easy Veggie Burger

New Jersey Trip

Hi guys! This semester has been one of my hardest times at school. I'm a senior, but I added a second major late in the game and I'll have to go an extra year. My life has been so hectic and honestly, I don't like it. I enjoy having "me" time and being able to … Continue reading New Jersey Trip

Social Media Cleanse

Hey y'all! Have you ever caught yourself scrolling on Instagram without actually noticing you were on Instagram at all? Scrolling through Instagram mindlessly is a habit, a bad one at that. Social media can come with all sorts of negative impacts on your life. Comparison and jealousy to name a few. Towards the end of … Continue reading Social Media Cleanse

Life Update

Hey there, I've been in a funk lately, to say the least. I haven't blogged in a long time (and I tend to do this every once in awhile) and I was feeling very uninspired. Makeup wasn't making me excited like it used to. I started to look at my makeup collection and think, "Why … Continue reading Life Update