New York in December

There's something about New York that I just love. It's completely different from where I'm from. I've always been attracted to the city life but I think I'm more of a lower, slower Delaware sort of person (even though I don't live there, either, haha!). New York in December is probably my favorite out of … Continue reading New York in December


Trip to Lewes, Delaware

Hey y'all! I was so blessed to spend Thanksgiving this year in one of my favorite places- Delaware! My family spent a few days there and we went to a little town called Lewes one afternoon. I've been to Lewes before, but I never really appreciated it's charm because I was so young. Here are … Continue reading Trip to Lewes, Delaware

Thanksgiving in Delaware

Hey there! I just had an amazing week away in Delaware. I got to spend Thanksgiving there with my family. It's so nice to get away. I really need time to myself like that. It was nice to unwind and spend some much needed quality time with my family. All of our schedules are so … Continue reading Thanksgiving in Delaware

Weekend Retreat

Hello friends! The weekend after I went to New Jersey, I went on a women's retreat with my mom. It was so relaxing and peaceful. It was at a camp about an hour away from my school and it was just so nice to get away for the weekend. It was especially nice to spend … Continue reading Weekend Retreat

Easy Veggie Burger

Hey y'all! Ever since my trip to New Jersey, I've been craving more veggie burgers! The one I had there was so amazing. (Shout out to Pompton Queen Diner!) I usually don't purchase or consume faux meat, but I will buy certain frozen veggie burgers if I don't feel like making them myself. I get … Continue reading Easy Veggie Burger

New Jersey Trip

Hi guys! This semester has been one of my hardest times at school. I'm a senior, but I added a second major late in the game and I'll have to go an extra year. My life has been so hectic and honestly, I don't like it. I enjoy having "me" time and being able to … Continue reading New Jersey Trip

Wedding Festivities

A slideshow of pictures from the wedding I recently attended!