Our Engagement Story

Hello everyone!

In honor of us getting engaged almost a year ago (and since then getting married and planning in less than a month-stay tuned for that series coming up in June!), I wanted to share our engagement story.

engagement ring

Our story is simple and beautiful in every way. Avery and I were doing long distance, as I had an extra year of college to finish up and he had already started working about 2 hours away from where I was attending school. We would take turns visiting each other on the weekends and spend every minute we could together.

It was a beautiful weekend in May where the weather started to get warmer. We went on a walk one day. The next day, we hung out at his apartment. I didn’t want to leave to go back home, I wanted to stay and hang out with him, but he had work the next day and I was on the schedule to substitute at a local school. I had already graduated and moved back home with my parents for one last summer, preparing to move away to where the job I had accepted was located at.

Avery, as always, made me the dinner that I wanted- avocado grilled cheese. He is the best cook and always, always takes care of me. Now he jokes that he is a vegetarian who eats meat, lol. He is always cooking us vegetarian food and back then was no different!

I ate my dinner, upset that I had to leave again. Upset that we weren’t progressing in our relationship.

But then, he got out the ring and got down on one knee.

I really couldn’t believe that it had happened. Me. I was being asked to be someone’s wife- MY someone, MY love, the greatest thing to ever happen to me, MY Avery wanted ME to be HIS wife. I felt so special and loved in that moment and almost a year later, I still feel so special and loved every day. He is so, so good to me and I am so blessed to be his wife. Saying yes to him was the easiest and best decision I have ever made in my life.

Each day I thank God for bringing such a good man into my life. We were truly made for one another.

I love our story.

us engaged



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