How I Stay Organized

One of my favorite subjects: organization. I am a planner by nature and am constantly making lists of things to do. I will honestly make three different lists that say the exact same thing. It’s just who I am.

So, I figured that I would share how I plan things and manage to stay organized. Maybe you aren’t a planner like me, and that’s perfectly okay. Here’s what I do to stay sane and get everything done:

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  • I have a beautiful planner. Mine is from Hobby Lobby, it’s Agenda 52. I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time this past March- just wow. I spent $50 getting my planner started. I never knew I needed this much stuff to stay organized, but it’s helped and it’s pretty.
  • The inside sheets depend on your own personal preference. Mine have plenty of space to write out my day-to-day activities. If you don’t need that much space, that works great, just find what works best for you.
  • I also have a monthly calendar, but it’s just for an overview. I only put very important things on it, such as birthdays or special events.

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  • I also have to-do lists, which I put in the middle of the week (when you open up my planner, I have one half of the week on one side and the rest on the other). Here is where I make a detailed list of everything that must get done in that week or extremely important things that get done next week (for example, ‘Test next week’ or ‘Pay rent’ are things that would be included a week in advance). Each item on my to-do list is color coded.
    • Monday= yellow
    • Tuesday= green
    • Wednesday= blue
    • Thursday= orange
    • Friday= purple
    • Anything that must get done next week= pink
  • You can adjust the color coding based on preferences and what you have available. I also use only a black Sharpie pen when I write in my planner so everything matches.
  • My planner gets messy but only because of the amount of things I need to do in a week. But, it’s still pretty.
  • I used to use sticky notes to write anything else extra, such as a schedule of when to do my homework and how much, but then I just bought these super cute sticky notes that you can see above.
  • Both my to-do list and the sticky notes are also from Hobby Lobby and they’re Agenda 52.

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  • And, of course, the best part of planning are the stickers! Yes, it may seem childish but it’s so fun and they have so many adorable stickers that make your planner look that much prettier.
  • I recently spent way too much money at Hobby Lobby on stickers but honestly I don’t even care. I got cute holiday stickers, fitness stickers, and then just every day motivational stickers. They’re cute and fun. This is another reason my planner gets messy because I get way too excited over planner stickers. Once you start, you can’t stop.
  • My favorite stickers are from Agenda 52 at Hobby Lobby but I’ve also purchased some at Walmart and I know Staples and Etsy have cute ones, too.
  • Something that I make sure I do every week is have motivation somewhere on the page. There’s a little note section under my weekend, so I put motivational stickers there so when I see it, I’m reminded that no matter how hectic things are, life is good! Also, if I know I’m going to be extra stressed on a day because so much is going on, I put motivational stickers there as a reminder.

Whether you’re already super organized or you’re learning what works best for you, have fun with it. Life isn’t that serious. So buy some planner stickers, have some fun, and get your work done!



p.s. big thanks to aubrey for the pic edits!


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