Letting Go of the Imperfections and Expectations

I don’t know about you but I know that I for one have pretty high (and unrealistic) expectations about certain things. Whether it comes to Avery (my loving and forever forgiving boyfriend) or even expectations that I have for myself when it comes to personal growth or even the tiniest of things- I sometimes struggle with having very high expectations.

And that’s not okay.

But me being the somewhat type A that I am, I want everything to be almost perfect. But absolutely nothing is.

I’ve had this post title written out for a long time now. Here’s where it’s about to get real. Avery and I broke up before our spring semester started. It was awful. As I reflected on what went wrong in our relationship, I noticed that it was a two-way street. I am not here to bash Avery. He is and continues to be a major positive, loving, kind, and compassionate person in my life. I’m here to talk about me and my imperfections.

You see, I had way too high of expectations. I wanted a picture perfect relationship. But that isn’t life. No one is perfect unless you’re Jesus and well sadly, I am not.

Avery and I got back together very shortly after we broke up and let me tell you- day in and day out, he shows me exactly how he’s the man of my dreams. He’s the exact man that I would bawl my eyes out praying to God for. He is everything I could ever want– and then so, so, so much more.

We argue and we certainly don’t have it all figured out. Like I said before, it’s a two-way street, but I know when it’s all my fault.

I struggle with forgiveness (and even though it’s usually very easy to forgive him, sometimes life happens and it takes me longer than it should). But what I’ve learned over our time together is that I need to stop holding such high expectations over his head. He does way more than enough for me. This is the man who buys me flowers for no reason, opens my car door each time, and cooks for me. This is a good man, a Godly man, one who loves me so pure and so deep.

So what’s it to me to just chill out already?!

I’ll be honest and say sometimes it’s a struggle but then I step back and think about how wonderful he is. We have to let go of all these expectations that we have. I have to let go of all the expectations I have. Realize what’s in front of you. Whether it be your significant other, your friend, a family member, or even yourself- let go of expectations that will never be met. You will be so much happier.

When I choose to let go of things that are unrealistic, I realize that I’m so much happier. Avery and I have a lovely relationship and when I let go of all these stupid expectations (that he so often exceeds, anyway), we have such a happier relationship.

He is the most relaxed person I know. And I am the most uptight and high maintenance person I know. He helps to get me to relax and just breathe and realize what’s important in life- our relationships with others.

So if you sometimes struggle with having too high of expectations or letting go of things that are not perfect, I hear you. But you must consciously make a decision to let go of all of these things and just live. I promise, you will be so much happier.

Life is good. Enjoy it. Don’t sweat the small stuff.



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me n mines<3


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