New York in December

There’s something about New York that I just love. It’s completely different from where I’m from. I’ve always been attracted to the city life but I think I’m more of a lower, slower Delaware sort of person (even though I don’t live there, either, haha!). New York in December is probably my favorite out of the whole year. The magic of Christmas is in the air and people come from all different places to experience it. My friend Jenna and I went this past weekend. We didn’t have a game plan, we just kind of planned to go and got on a bus in New Jersey.

We made it to Central Park, a rooftop bar, the Sugar Factory, and a few stores! Here are some pictures that we got along the way:

Playing in Central Park…

The Sugar Factory…

Pictures from our walk along the way…

Tiffany was a must…

Christmas magic… we went to Rockefeller Center but my pictures of the tree didn’t come out nice. It was crazy there.

Some more random pictures from our walk…

View from the rooftop bar…

And no New York trip is complete without macaroons. We went to Bryant Park. I had never been there. They had so many cute little shops!

It was such a nice trip! We had so much fun and did so much walking. I think the best way to do a New York trip is without a game plan. We stumbled into random places but it was a great adventure. We only got lost three times, lol. I love to explore and not be set in any plans. I think next time I go, I’d love to go see Jimmy Fallon!

Until next time,


P.S. Thanks Jenna for being my photographer for the day!


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