Trip to Lewes, Delaware

Hey y’all!

I was so blessed to spend Thanksgiving this year in one of my favorite places- Delaware! My family spent a few days there and we went to a little town called Lewes one afternoon. I’ve been to Lewes before, but I never really appreciated it’s charm because I was so young.

Here are some pics I took:


We also stopped by the beach:


And of course we visited a Mexican restaurant (thanks Dad for taking my picture):


The restaurant we went to was Agave. The margarita was delicious and the tacos were good. I had a pomegranate margarita and the fish tacos. (Yes, I’m technically pescatarian. Hence, why I call myself a veg and not a vegetarian. I eat mostly vegetarian but once in awhile I’ll eat seafood.) The decor was SO cute. And of course the bathrooms were, too. I mean look at that wallpaper/tile combo!

On our way home, we saw a beautiful sunset to end our afternoon:


Overall, it was a great afternoon. I’d love to go back when I have more time to go into all of the little shoppes and bakeries. And of course, to go back to Agave for another margarita!




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