What I Learned From Living Alone

Hello there! As you may have guessed from the title, I live alone. I am 21 and a senior in college. I still go home to my parent’s house but at school, I have a one bedroom apartment. Living alone really teaches you a lot about yourself. You learn who you are and how independent you can be.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned so far:

  1. I hate to clean. There is SO much cleaning to do. My apartment is very tiny but who knew that a little space could accumulate such a mess? Not me, haha. You don’t realize how much another person helps clean up, even though they accumulate their own mess. It’s harder for me to keep up with everything this year with the way my schedule is. No one wants to come home at 9pm and clean. So shout out to all the people with clean houses, you’re all superstars.
  2. I am still afraid of the dark and I don’t care if you judge me for it. It is just CREEPY to be alone at night. When I hear a noise, it’s over. I always feel like I’m going to end up inspiring a Criminal Minds episode. (Yes, I know that’s dramatic but have you met me?)
  3. I enjoy company. I miss having someone to talk to about my day when I get home. Shout out to Melissa and all her makeup videos, I miss you. Also, shout out to Matt for always having a drink ready when I got home, haha!
  4. I am so much more independent than I thought. I enjoy my alone time even though it can be lonely at times. (Definitely not contradicting number 3…) I have the freedom to come and go as I please without worrying about disrupting a roommate.
  5. I dislike bugs. Future husband, you’re the designated bug killer. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “What I Learned From Living Alone

  1. bwithblue says:

    What a lovely post and you should be so proud of yourself for being so independent. I also still freak out when my husband is away on business trips and I am on my own in our aparmtent. The slightest noise sends my mind into overdrive.

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