Easy Veggie Burger

Hey y’all! Ever since my trip to New Jersey, I’ve been craving more veggie burgers! The one I had there was so amazing. (Shout out to Pompton Queen Diner!) I usually don’t purchase or consume faux meat, but I will buy certain frozen veggie burgers if I don’t feel like making them myself. I get mine from Aldi’s, but I’m sure that Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods has plenty of good options, as well. (I just don’t have either close to my school, but Aldi’s is amazing!) I buy a spicy chipotle black bean burger.

Here’s how I “spiced” things up (get it, lol) to make a quick and easy veggie burger:


I made my veggie burger as per the instructions on the box. I sliced a tomato and added pickles, ketchup and mustard. To top it off, I created a broccoli slaw using a premade broccoli slaw that I mixed it with Yum Yum sauce. (I only put enough sauce in with the broccoli slaw to hold it together.) And that’s it. A healthy and filling meal in less than ten minutes- perfect for anyone who is busy like me!

(See how I make my own veggie burgers here!)

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