Colourpop Madness

Hey there!

I recently ordered a bunch of new products from one of my favorite makeup companies, Colourpop. Their products are such high quality for such a reasonable price. They’re always launching new products and keeping up with trends- which is something I like to do. I always like to try out new makeup looks and all sorts of different products- you never know what you may find!

I wanted to share with you guys everything that I purchased. (*Disclaimer: I haven’t gotten around to trying everything out just yet!*)


All of the lip products I purchased!

Pictured above are all of the lip colors I purchased, in a variety of shades and finishes. The box of minis is called It’s Vintage and it includes mini Ultra Matte Lips in the shades: Bianca, Tulle, Notion, Love Bug & LAX. I tried out Tulle and LOVED it. The shades are all beautiful and I feel would work with most skin tones. I purchased a Lippie Stix in the shade Dukes, which I have not been able to try out yet. I also purchased one of their Ultra Metallic Lips in the shade Kween, and I haven’t been able to try that out yet either. The Ultra Glossy Lip that I purchased was in the shade Sookie and I LOVE it. The pigmentation is absolutely crazy for a lipgloss and it’s not even sticky!! It gives off the amount of color that a lipstick would but it’s just shiny. If you haven’t tried out one of their lipglosses yet, you need to get right on that! I want all of them. The last lip color I purchased was Baracuda, and that’s an Ultra Satin Lip, which is my favorite formula of theirs. It doesn’t fully dry down, so your lips don’t become dried out. The color transfers but I’m okay with it because the formula feels more comfortable on my lips. But all of their formulas are great-it just goes by personal preference!


Highlighters, eyeliner & brow pencil

The brow pencil that I purchased was in the shade Bangin’ Brunette. I love this brow pencil. I’ve always been super afraid to purchase a pencil because I have a heavy hand when applying makeup. However, I really like this one. The little spoolie is AMAZING. I have been reaching for this every. single. day. My only complaint is that I think I should get a shade lighter for my brows, but the formula is incredible. The eyeliner I purchased was in the shade Mr. Bing, which is why I got it. Because I love Friends. I like the formula of their liners but I wasn’t blown away by the shade. It’s a matte brown and I’ll probably use it on days where I’m trying to achieve a more natural, laid-back look. (I have another one of their liners in the shade Get Paid and everyone needs it. Seriously, go buy it! I always use it in my waterline.)



Let me just tell you how this Colourpop madness started….with an email about a special on highlighters. And I mean who can actually say no to free highlighters? Not me. I only paid for two, and got three free. The shades in order from left to right, top to bottom are: Candyman, Wisp, Might Be, Flexitarian (I mean come on-how cool are these names?!), and Over the Moon. I haven’t been able to try any of these yet, but I do have another highlighter from Colourpop in the shade Lunch Money. I love it, but the only thing that’s weird about their highlighters is that you apply them with your fingers. It can get a little messy but the glow they give off is so worth a trip to the sink!

Overall, Colourpop is awesome and I fully support their brand. I’m always ordering new products from them and love/hate when they send me emails about all their new goodies. If you haven’t tried anything from them, I definitely suggest trying something soon (their new holiday products are so cool!)

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!




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