Review of Kylie Cosmetics

Hello there!

I just now realized that it’s November–time flies when you’re in college. Juggling two jobs and classes can be difficult, but you have to work hard to succeed!

Today, I am giving you an honest review of Kylie Cosmetics and the products that I have from her.


The packaging is so cute!

I have a few liquid lipsticks, lip liners, and one creme eyeshadow. Let’s start with the lip kits!


The lip kits come with a liquid lipstick and lip liner. The ones I have are Leo, Love Bite, Mary Jo K, Koko K, and Ginger! The lip kits each retail for $29.00, however, you can buy certain singles here. Liquid lip singles are $17.00 and lip liner singles are $14.00.

I love all of my lip kits. They stay on for a long time and are comfortable on your lips. The scent of the liquid lipsticks can be a little overpowering at first, but you get used to it. I was very skeptical before I purchased my first lip kit (Love Bite) but ended up falling in love with it (and ordering too many more). I think that they are definitely worth the money. I never used a lip liner before I tried Kylie’s– and let me tell you, her lip liners are SO good. They are so buttery and smooth. You can even wear them alone, however, I love the two paired together for extra staying power.


Next, we have her creme shadow. This was a part of her birthday collection and it is currently unavailable because it was limited edition. But if she ever brings it back, be sure to get your hands on it! I have the shade Copper. It comes in a little pot. It’s so smooth and buttery. I was intimidated at first because I tend to stay away from creme shadows, but I love this one! It’s much easier to work with than I thought. If she ever comes out with other creme shadows, I’ll definitely be picking them up!

Overall, I definitely think that Kylie Cosmetics is worth the price tag that accompanies it. The quality of the products that I purchased was stellar and I definitely recommend her products to anyone!

Let me know what products you guys like from Kylie’s line! I will get my hands on an eyeshadow palette soon!

Thanks for reading!




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