ColourPop Haul


Hey there! So I went a little crazy with my ColourPop purchase but it was SO. WORTH. IT. I wanted to try out their Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte Lips for a very long time and I finally cracked and purchased a bunch. (My bad wallet, my bad.) The colors that I purchased were Frick N’ Frack, Magic Wand, London Fog, Echo Park, Scrooge, Highball, Mars, Teeny Tiny, More Better, and Solow (in order from top to bottom). I also grabbed their Lippie Primer, which is definitely worth it!


I also purchased two Super Shock Shadows in Central Perk (I bought this sole for the name -FRIENDS reference!) and Sunset Blvd. I love their Super Shock Shadows. I love how they glide on and last all day, especially with a good eyeshadow primer (one of my faves: Benefit Stay Don’t Stray).


The last item I picked up was their Lunch Money Highlighter. This highlighter gives off a very subtle and natural glow- it’s perfect for the days that you want a natural glam look!

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11 thoughts on “ColourPop Haul

  1. Alise Bane says:

    There colors are so pretty! Also, I have nominated you for the Liebster award, if you choose to accept the information is on my blog.


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