December Product Spotlight


Hey there!

So it’s that time of the month again that I get to share with you all a few products that I’ve been loving lately. Mostly everything that I’m reviewing today are recent purchases. Two products are ones that I’ve had for awhile but really wanted to share!

First up: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick


I received this product as a sample a few months ago and fell in love with it immediately! This lipstick lasts all day and doesn’t dry out my lips. The color shown above is Peony and I recently purchased it in Nude, as well. The pigmentation is so nice and the only time I reapply it is after I eat. There are so many other color choices, which I think is nice because there’s something for everyone. Too Faced also has out a Metallic line and a Chocolate line, as well, which I think are really cool. I haven’t been daring enough to test their Metallic line but maybe one day!

Next: NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick


I had my eye on this product and finally purchased it after thinking about it for awhile (I have way too many lip products). NYX never ceases to amaze me with the quality of their products. This lip color stayed on all day and I didn’t need to reapply it, even after eating. The color shown is Vintage. It comes out pretty dark but I love it for a vampy look with a neutral eye. I wanted to pick up Sandstorm and Tea & Cookies, but my ULTA didn’t have any more in stock. I will definitely be trying those soon, though!

Next: NYX Cosmetics Slim Lip Pencil


Seriously I love NYX. Their lip liners are so inexpensive but work so well. The colors I have are Ever and Natural. I like liners that I can sharpen, but that’s just personal preference. These glide on smoothly and I’ve even worn them by themselves, no lipstick over top. Or if I’m not feeling lipstick, I’ll use one of these liners with a gloss over it. The colors of the liners are very natural, which I like if I’m doing a dramatic eye. NYX is just a great company and I haven’t been disappointed yet by the quality of their products- I could say nice things about them all day.

Next: Stila Lip Glaze


I received these as a gift and was surprised at how much I loved them. I usually stay away from glosses and don’t really like the tubes that these come in (I always wind it up too much and end up with an abundance of lipstick). But the quality is awesome! They aren’t sticky like a typical gloss is. They’re smooth and stay on pretty well. You do have to reapply, but I never mind that. I definitely recommend these if you love lipgloss but hate how sticky normal ones are. The colors I have are Sugar Plum and Banana Berry. You can only purchase Banana Berry at Ulta, which I have linked above.

Next: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit and ULTA Contour Kit

Let me start off by telling you how LONG I waited for the Cream Contour Kit-forever, I waited forever! But it was SO worth the wait (and the $)! I have used the Cream Contour Kit everyday since I purchased it and everyday, I love it more. The quality of the product is awesome. I use a concealer brush to place the product where I want to contour and then blend it out with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (which I could write a whole post on how much I LOVE). To finish my contour, I go over it with Ulta’s Powder Contour Kit, which is also awesome alone; I just prefer the two together for a more dramatic look.

Last: Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Ultra Shea Body Cream


This is my favorite scent of lotion, ever. I love anything that smells like vanilla and Bath & Body Works outdid themselves. This lotion is perfect. I love the Ultra Shea Body Cream because it’s a thicker formula so it is awesome in the winter (it is a holiday scent, so you can only get it once a year). I stock up every Christmas so I have enough! Once you smell it, you’ll know what I mean!

Are there any products that you’ve been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow for more updates.



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