Being Artsy




As I sat with the members of my group this week, (we were working on a class project) I became bored with the topic at hand. My mind wandered and I began to be inspired as I looked around the room. I saw my shoes. My shoes, along with the lighting provided me with a great idea: a photo shoot. Whenever I’m feeling inspired, I like to take pictures of what inspires me. By doing this, I’m able to easily remember what intrigues me, what I like. This way, I can take my inspirations and interests and use them on an every day basis.
I took my regular combat boots and made them more chic by lacing them a different way. Instead of lacing them all the way to the top and tying them there, I decided to lace them about half way up. This way, I can do one of two things. I can take the lace the way it is and tie the excess around the whole of the boot like the picture below:

Or I can just tuck the laces in to pull off this look:

Either way, it’s a much more chic and cool way to wear combat boots, as opposed to this:

Along with my approach to lacing, I always opt to roll my jeans. Rolled jeans really transform a look, and they’re a part of my go-to fall outfit: rolled jeans, combat boots, and a comfy sweater. Depending on the temperature I’ll either wear a leather or winter jacket.

(All pictures were taken with an iPhone 5)
That’s all for now!


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