Let’s talk Fall…


Now that it’s getting colder, across college campuses, girls and guys alike are digging out the sweatpants and hoodies to trek to class in. People become lazy when it starts getting cold out, no? Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice pair of sweats but this is ideal sweater weather! We are at that time now where you can wear a light sweater with a sweet leather jacket. Sweater weather is my favorite. Let’s take full advantage of this. My go-to outfit for class is usually a nice pair of skinny jeans matched with a cute sweater and normally combat boots. If it’s particularly cold out, I’ll throw on my leather jacket. Pictured above is one of my favorite sweaters.

I purchased it at Forever21 almost two years ago but I’m sure that you could find something similar here.

My absolute favorite store to shop at nowadays is Express. I love Express for a few reasons. They have such cute clothes and I can easily put an outfit together with what they have in stores. I’ll be walking through and easily pick up ten things that I at least want to try on. Their leather jackets are made with vegan leather, which is a huge plus for the animal lover, like myself. Express to me is sort of effortless chic. The only downfall could be the prices. HOWEVER, their sales are amazing and you should totally check it out!

I have to find a photographer. Once I find one, I will share more outfit pictures. For now, what is your go-to fall outfit? I’d love to hear what you guys put together. Feel free to share.




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